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This quotation is calculated based on standard Company Car Lease. Calculation can change based on vehicle selection, Annual Kilometres, Term and other individual circumstances.

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Company car lease quote includes all finance costs for the purchase and lease of your new vehicle, including any fees and associated charges. It also considers any GST credits you may be entitled to.


Company car lease quote includes an estimate for all your probable maintenance, service and repair costs based on the term and nominated kilometres you have entered.


An allowance for tyres has been made in the Company Car lease quote calculation, roughly 1 set of tyres per 35,000 kilometres travelled over the lease period.


Company car lease quote does includes estimated cost of Myfleet Comprehensive Accident Management program. Myfleet Comprehensive Insurance is managed by our dedicated insurance experts. There is $1,500.00 Excess per at-fault claim in case of accident.


New cars typically come with first year registration included in the purchase price, so your Myfleet Company Car lease quote makes an allowance for annual renewals for the duration of the lease period.


Whilst some new vehicles come delivered with a short term roadside assistance program Myfleet have included an overriding program of roadside assistance which will cover all vehicles 24/7 nationwide. Comprehensive insurance is not considered in this lease cost. We can include a fleet based comprehensive policy, or you can add your existing personal insurance policy to the scheme and have it paid for by Myfleet.


Company car lease quote does not includes estimated cost of fuel for your vehicle, We can set budget for fuel based on the category of car chosen and the kilometres expected to be travelled for the duration of the Company car lease period. And expense of fuel can be paid by that separate fuel budget.

The key component of a fully maintained operating lease is that your company never really owns the car unlike other lease types, there is no payout at the lease expiry, you simply hand the car back and start over again.

The car is fully maintained by Myfleet for maintenance, tyres, registration, roadside assistance and Myfleet comprehensive insurance.

A single fixed monthly rental payment will cover all of these components for the duration of the lease period. Fuel cards can also be provided either on an additional budget or chargeback scenario.

  • Service, maintenance and tyres
  • Registration and CTP insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance and accident management
  • Fuel budget if required (On top of Lease Rental.)

Under this arrangement, the employer pays the monthly lease rentals.

  • Suits medium term requirements for interstate or international consultant / visitors.
  • Suits company expansion needs.
  • Removes new vehicle requirements for new employees during probation periods.
  • Allows for expansion of fleet to meet seasonal requirements.

Myfleet provides all the tax and administrative benefits of the operating lease (see operating lease product description ) Plus,

  • Neither the lease, or the car is a balance sheet item, so it does not negatively affect your company’s financial status.
  • Cars are fully maintained by Myfleet so there is no in-house expertise required.
  • Vehicle records, history and payments are all managed by Myfleet so product is very administratively friendly.
  • Static monthly payments means no unexpected expenses which makes budgeting predictable.