Myfleet Fleet Management

Myfleet can provide fleet management for company fleets of all sizes from 5 – 500. We know that Fleet management can be a constant drain on resources when you’re trying to do everything in-house. With Myfleet there is an easy way to free up your time and cut down on your overheads.

A Fleet Management Program from Myfleet covers all aspects of your fleet from leasing, registration, maintenance to fuel requirements within one coherent system. Our easy to use technology will help you produce real time management information, online service updates and FBT reports in a matter of seconds.

What is Fleet Management?

Myfleet Fleet Management provides companies with administratively friendly outsourcing of a business expense that can be a significant cost burden to the company and typically requires a great deal of hands on expertise to manage efficiently.

Myfleet will provide your drivers with secure fuel cards aligned specifically to each vehicle, we will ensure all maintenance and tyre replacement passes through a pre-approval process to ensure best cost control practices are utilised. Myfleet will also provide direct payments of registration and comprehensive insurance renewal.

We also have a comprehensive fleet insurance policy that has some excellent fleet specific cover at very competitive pricing and we provide a generic roadside assistance product that covers all vehicles regardless of make, model or breakdown location.

Detailed usage and exception reporting, including FBT reports, for Myfleet fleet managed vehicles can be provided or downloaded in a range of formats. They are designed to give the fleet owner the exact information required to help in both day-to-day and strategic decision making.

Features and Benefits of a Myfleet Fleet Management Program

  • Fixed monthly costs are known in advance to allow for known future budgeting expense
  • Complete resource of expertise in every aspect of the motor industry readily available to help with informed decision making.
  • Best practice cost control techniques to reduce the overall fleet costs
  • Simple and administratively friendly with online visibility of your fleet

Will Fleet Management suit our Company?

If you are running a fleet of company vehicles that are costing you plenty of time and money then Myfleet management services can help.

For as few as 5 or 6 cars through to 100+ vehicles the Myfleet expertise in vehicle fleet management control, together with our broad network of suppliers can save you in both the direct costs of purchase and maintaining your cars, and the indirect costs associated with administration and control.

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