Car Lease Australia

Myfleet can provide a range of traditional company car leases (commonly called a Fully Maintained Operating Lease). These cars can be management or benefit cars, tool of trade passenger cars or light commercial vehicles. We can provide this solution for any size fleet of 1 vehicle up to many hundreds. As is always the case with myfleet the process is very simple; select the vehicle of choice, your preferred lease term, the expected annual kilometres to be travelled and then contact myfleet and we will do the rest.

Benefits of Company Car Lease

The key component of a fully maintained operating lease is that your company never really owns the car unlike other lease types, there is no payout at the lease expiry, you simply hand the car back and start over again.
The car is fully maintained by Myfleet for maintenance, tyres, registration, roadside assistance and Myfleet comprehensive insurance.
A single fixed monthly rental payment will cover all of these components for the duration of the lease period. Fuel cards can also be provided either on an additional budget or chargeback scenario.

What makes myfleet different from other vehicle leasing services is that any of our products can be matched with our budgeted fleet management to provide one, known monthly cost of operation for the life of the asset.

We get fleet discount from most car dealers in Australia. myfleet offers Australia wide car lease to all major cities to regional areas including the following

Australian Capital Territory