Myfleet Vehicle Maintenance

Myfleet offers you discounted fuel from the major suppliers in Australia.

  •  Myfleet provide each driver with fuel cards from the 3 major suppliers Shell, BP, Caltex.
  •  Each card is uniquely coded to a specific vehicle and all costs are charged back to Myfleet and allocated against that specific car.
  •  The cards have a range of security features including, if required PIN number access, capped daily or monthly limits and product specific inclusions.
  •  Detailed fuel usage can be reported on and downloaded via our online portal with a range of information including date, time, quantity, location, product and amounts.
  •  If you require any assistance with your fuel cards you can call us direct on 1800 693 533.

Myfleet keep your fleet on the road with comprehensive maintenance for your vehicles.

  •  Myfleet utilises best practice when it comes to cost control for service and maintenance on your managed vehicles.
  •  We have account based facilities with all franchised dealers for all makes, and all of the major independent service and maintenance providers throughout Australia.
  •  Our pre-approval process for repair authorisation ensures that all parts and labour pricing is based on discounted trade rates, that there is no upselling of worthless services and that all opportunity for warranty and manufacturer good will is maximised.
  •  All charges for service and maintenance activity is charged back to Myfleet and added against the specific vehicle account so there is no over the counter activity required by the driver.
  •  Detailed expense and exception reporting for all current and historical service and maintenance costs for each car are available for review or download via our easy to use online portal.
  •  To obtain work approval just ask your supplier or repairer to call 1300 130 572.

Myfleet maintenance services eliminate the need for outside assistance, allowing drivers to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Myfleet offers you discounted Tyres from the major suppliers in Australia.

  •  Myfleet will manage your vehicle tyre replacement whether the tyres are damaged or simply at the end of their life.
  •  Myfleet have account based facilities with all major tyre retailers across the country.
  •  Myfleet have negotiated discounts of up to 40% of retail pricing with our tyre providers.
  •  When pre-mature tyre wear occurs Myfleet will actively manage the situation to reduce recurrence saving significant amounts of expense.
  •  Detailed tyre usage and exception reporting is available to view or download via our easy to use online portal.
  •  If you need any assistance with arranging tyre replacement just call us on 1800 693 533.

Myfleet includes registration cost into operating cost of the lease so you will get maximum Tax Benefit.

  •  Myfleet can pay the registration and compulsory third party insurance on your car direct to the relevant statutory authorities, or if more convenient we can simply reimburse you for the expense into your preferred bank account.
  •  Details of registration costs in addition to all other vehicle expenses are available via our easy to use online portal.

Myfleet offers Comprehensive Accident Management program with operating cost budget.

  •  Myfleet have its own dedicated insurance expertise and can manage your insurance policy on your behalf or we can enrol you in our own specific fleet based insurance program.
  •  Myfleet will arrange policy renewal payment on your behalf when due and our system will report on any pending policy expiries so your cars will always be covered.
  •  Under the “low excess” Myfleet comprehensive policy your cars are always renewed as long as your car is under management with Myfleet.
  •  Myfleet are able to manage or if required, provide expert independent advice both the repair and claims process to ensure the fastest and best quality outcome for your vehicle repair.
  •  All costs incurred by for your insurance or excess payments are charged back to Myfleet and allocated direct against you individual vehicle account.
  •  Details of Insurance or excess payment costs in addition to all other vehicle expenses are available via our easy to use online portal.
  •  If you have any questions or general enquires relating to our policy, an insurance claim or repair process then just call us on 1800 693 533.

Myfleet offers our customers 24/7 roadside assistance all over Australia.

  •  Vehicle manufacturers often provide a roadside assistance package as part of their new vehicle purchase benefits. These programs vary greatly in terms of cover, provider, manufacturer and even model. Myfleet provide an overall cover that can be used irrespective of the existence of a manufacturer based cover.
  •  The Myfleet roadside assistance package is available 24/7 Australia wide no matter what the cause of the breakdown.
  •  The service we provide is “pay as you go”. In other words you only pay for the service if you need it. Statistically only a small percentage of drivers will ever require breakdown service on their new car, so for most of our customers the product provides free of charge peace of mind.
  •  If you require roadside breakdown assistance just call 1800 069 459 and quote your registration number.

Myfleet Online portal will give you secure access to your Vehicle Management Account.

  •  The “state of the art” Myfleet online reporting portal provides significant details on the vehicle finance and operating usage and expenditure.
  •  Our portal is secure and can be accessed on a driver, vehicle or fleet-wide level.
  •  Our portal can be accessed by the customer to update a range of detail including driver information, contact information and to seek reimbursement for unexpected personal vehicle expenses.
  •  The Myfleet portal can be used for downloading FBT reports that provide the information a company needs to meet their Australian Tax Office FBT reporting obligations.

Contacts (Head Office)

  • Level 1, 464 Whitehorse road
  •       Mitcham, Victoria - 3132
  • PO Box 2221 Rangeview, Vic-3132
  • 03 8813 8989
  • 03 9873 4266 (fax)

Phone Numbers

  • 1800 Myfleet
  • 1800 693 533
  • 03 8813 8989 (Reception)


Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed