Myfleet have a range of products to cover all motor vehicle finance, lease and fleet management needs. We are happy to work with you to determine which of these products best fits your needs either as an individual or a company.

What makes Myfleet different from other vehicle finance services is that any of our products can be matched with our budgeted fleet management to provide one, known monthly cost of operation for the life of the asset.

Together with electronic reporting and EFT, there are no hassles, no paperwork, no worries.

Myfleet Lease Process


Finance Lease

Finance Lease is also called a standard car lease arrangement, usually used as a company car finance product. Effectively it is a Novated Lease without the novation agreement.

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Company Car Lease

A Company Car Lease lets you lease a vehicle without taking on any of the risks associated with ownership or having to spend money to buy the vehicle.

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Short Term Rentals

Myfleet offer short term operating leases with all the tax and financing benefits of the traditional longer term operating leases without the long term commitment.

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Chattel Mortgage

A chattel is a non-fixed item of property. Under a chattel mortgage, a financier loans money to a customer to buy (in this case) a vehicle – the chattel.

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Fleet management

An easy way to free up your time and cut down your costs – the complete Myfleet Fleet Management Program

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Myfleet Maintenance Program

Myfleet Maintenance Program involves the management of operating costs of a car. That includes budget for Fuel, Maintenance, Tyres, Insurance, Registration and Roadside Assistance.

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Commercial Hire Purchase

A Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is an arrangement where a financier agrees to purchase the car on behalf of a customer and then hire it back to them over an agreed period.

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