Mazda 3 Neo (Company Car Lease)

A$1050 p/m

Mercedes C-200 (Company Car Lease)

A$1500 p/m

Toyota hiLux (Company Car Lease)

A$1300 p/m

Hyundai Tucson (Company Car Lease)

A$1150 p/m
  • Professional purchasing advice
  • Access to fleet volume discounts
  • Huge tax savings for Company
  • One single payment monthly for all costs
  • Budgeted Fuel cards provided
  • Online reporting of all expenditure

Mazda 3 Neo (Normal Lease)

A$1200 p/m

Mercedes C-200 (Normal Lease)

A$1650 p/m

Toyota hiLux (Normal Lease)

A$1450 p/m

Hyundai Tucson (Normal Lease)

A$1300 p/m
  • Find your own new car and pricing
  • No GST savings
  • Pay for everything at point of sale
  • Pay retail pricing for expenses
  • Manage your own tax claims
  • No day-to-day support when in need